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Every day around 11 young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Despite improving survival rates, cancer is the leading cause of death in children, teenagers and young adults.

Childhood cancer is different

Childhood cancers are biologically very different from adult cancers, so finding better treatments is essential and urgently needed. However, research for childhood cancer types receive very little funding in comparison to adult cancers (less than 1% from CRUK*).

Cancer is the biggest killer

Great progress may have been made for certain childhood cancers over the last 40 years, but survival rates across different types of cancers vary and for some childhood cancers survival rates are still far too low.

Long Term Side Effects

Current treatments can have very debilitating side-effects that can sadly last long into adult life, so finding kinder treatments is vital. Two-thirds of children will suffer Long term side effects from their treatment such as loss of hearing, sign, heart disease, secondary cancers, learning disabilities and more..

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We need better treatment options

Eddy was a normal healthy little boy before he was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in August 2012. Over a three-year period, Eddy had to endure over 100 high-dose chemotherapy sessions, 12 operations which included his left leg being amputated, three lung surgeries, bowel surgery, brain surgery, countless blood and platelets transfusions, over 45 scans of various types and too-many-to-count medicine infusions.  Read Eddy's story here...

 Like most parents, the thought never crossed our mind our child would get cancer. Having to watch Eddy suffer so much to the hands of this disease was horrendous, we just wanted to take it away from him and let him have his childhood back again. Nobody can tell us how or why this happened. Apparently, studies say it was "bad luck".

Jon & Claudia, Eddy's Parents.

Did you know the GOLD ribbon is representative of childhood cancer?

Sadly, most people are not aware the GOLD ribbon is representative of Childhood Cancer and that the month of September is officially Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (#CCAM). You can help raise awareness by wearing a GOLD ribbon.

This is our new specially designed GOLD ribbon pin badge, 3D Design with butterfly clutch fastening. It is 2cm in height and of high quality, being made from Zinc alloy and Electro plated in Gold.

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What Research We Fund

We are working with some of the U.K.’s best research centres such as the University of Oxford, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, and University Hospitals of Birmingham and Nottingham with more to follow pending on their research projects which are in relation to those cancer types that mainly effect young people.

Despite our charity being in it's infant years, because we pass on 100% of donations, we have already started to fund a project at Oxford is ATACSeq which is a fairly new but extremely useful technique that marks out specific cells involved in causing infant leukaemia. Another project we are funding is at Leeds to research the bone cancer cells that are responsible for disease progression and relapse.

We are currently looking at further research projects to fund so why not get involved this September and do some fundraising or make a donation to help make this happen.

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